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  • Title Tag and SEO

Title Tag and SEO

Title Tag and SEO

There are several places in your web page where you can place your keywords. Some places are better than others. We will show you the best spots and how they will make a big difference in relationship with search engine placement of your web pages

The single most important location to place your keywords is within your HTML <title> tag.

Search engine spiders view the keywords placed in the "title tag" as highly important. The reason is these words tell their search engine spider what your site is about.

  • It appears in the browser title bar - at the very top of the window. If you look at your browser title bar you should see the name of your browser and the title of this page - "HTML Title Tag".
  • If a visitor adds your page to their favorites (bookmarks), the page title is the default name it will give the bookmark.
  • Search engines use the page title as the listing name for their results. For example, a search engine listing looks something like this:

Hand Beaded Skirts
Unique Hand Beaded wrap skirts and tops and colorful fashions. Each hand beaded skirt is made by hand. Call 1-866-498-0523. - 14k - Cached - Similar pages - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

Avoid using stop words or dead weight words in your title tag. These words are so common that search engine spiders may ignore them. Words like: Homepage, WWW, Webpage. Also avoid using your company name unless you are Ford, IRS, Jello, etc.

What keywords do you use in the title tag? At this area do not guess! The title tag is the single most important area for your website. Search engines begin here and from here they determine the relationship of the content of your page to your title tag. If it's relevant then you have a good chance of your site found at the top of the search engines. To begin this process use our Keyword Research Service. This is the key to your success. Its a guaranteed that combined with Keyword Research Service and the correct title phrase placement your site will be found at the top of every major search engine.

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